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Don’t Get Married Until You Have Read This Book!

International author, speaker and leading relationship expert – Dr Karen Phillip

When ‘Me’ becomes ‘We’

International author, speaker and leading relationship expert Karen Phillip shares her essential relationship secrets in this ground breaking book “OMG We’re Getting Married’.
Among these pages you will find innovative and thought provoking advice that will ensure your marriage will be an incredible, happy and amazing relationship that lasts forever.
Every bride and groom really should read this book before they get married.
“We want the honeymoon period to remain forever; this is an investment into the sustainability of the happiness of the relationship; and who doesn’t want that?”
We need to learn how to talk, discuss, listen and understand. This is not taught, it is learned and the earlier it is learned, the better off we all are.
Karen has transformed the lives of thousands of couples with her practical advice and 7 essential points for long lasting happiness. Her successful strategies can help you to create a closer and more loving relationship.
Her latest Book ‘OMG We’re Getting Married – 7 essential things to know before We say I Do” is like Relationship Insurance for couples.
The book discusses areas that Dr Karen comes across each week in her Counselling rooms when couples arrive, sometimes at breaking point, because they failed to discuss the issues early. “It breaks my heart that couples are tearing each other apart, but for a simple discussion before they marry or when just into their marriage, almost all issues would never amount to an conflictual position in the Counselling room”.
This new innovative Book helps you to ensure your life long marriage.
With nearly 50% divorce rate, you will break the statistics and remain happy together forever, as you deserve to be. If more people read this book our divorce rates would plummet!!!
Don’t Get Married Until You Have Read This Book!  Grab The Book Now!

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