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About The Author

About The Author

About Karen

Dr Karen Phillip is multi-talented! She is a published International author on parenting, writes for the print media, and is a professional Counselling Psychotherapist and Clinical Hypnotherapist. Karen is a recognised Speaker, Presenter and media commentator.

Karen has clients all over the world including Industry Leaders, high profile entrepreneurs, sporting and celebrity clients.

Dr Karen holds a PhD of Philosophy in Sociology. Karen specialises in Relationships and Parenting. Karen works with families who are experiencing problems with communication, conflict and child behaviours. She writes for many Parenting sites, newspapers and magazines. Dr Karen is the author of a very popular parenting book “Who Runs Your House, the kids or you?”, her book has helped thousands of parents and families round the world.

Why does Karen do what she does?

Karen came out of a very difficult relationship with young children. She initially struggled coping with this new role as a single parent and anxieties started to consume her. Karen learnt strategies to develop resilience and strength and became a stronger and more focused person.

After years of study and working with individuals, couples and families Karen developed her passion. She works tirelessly with individuals, families and couples while also advocating conflict free parenting strategies.

Dr Karen states “I love supporting and empowering people by helping them make the changes they want and need to live a fulfilled, happy and focused life”. The work Karen does is at the core of personal need.

Karen helps people with anxieties and stress, depression, phobias and addictive behaviours. She also works considerably with couples and families. “Ensuring a balance of work, family and social enjoyment allows us to live, not just exist, I see so many ordinary and highly successful people struggle to obtain this balance, it is humbling and rewarding helping them fulfill their ambitions and goals.”

When the family, partner and children are happy, life is smoother, more enjoyable and we can be far more focused.