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Is this true love ?

Friday, Apr 29, 2016

21 things to know if this is true love ?

Often both men and women wonder if their current partner is really their true love. Some become anxious prior to making their life commitment hoping they will break the 50% divorce rate trend and questioning if this unique person they love is really THE ONE to be with forever. How do I know many ask, what is it that proves to me this is right even though I feel in love now, how do I know this love and feeling with remain forever?

What then is this true love and how do we ensure we feel something we know and believe will last forever.? The number of couples taking out Pre-Nups these days are a concerning sign of doubting the longevity of any relationship. Sure they believe it is realistic, but perhaps it is more to do with – am I making the right choice?

How do we know, what should we feel, to know this is real, honest and truly love?

1. We meet and get to know this new amazing and incredible person in our life; they make us feel special, wanted, loved, desired, all those good feeling emotions we all love to feel

2. We meet the family and friends, are accepted in, feel a part of the group and our partner ensures we are always happy and comfortable around them

3. We love every second with our partner, enjoy their company, love to talk, listen, hear and be with this amazing human being

4. You respect and admire so much about them. The person they are, the worker, child, sibling, parent, friend they are

5. You would not change a thing about them because you believe they are perfect as them, not wanting perfection, just the perfect person they are now

6. They are the first person ever to tell any exciting, sad or wonderful news to; you call them immediately before anyone else

7. You support them if they have a bad day, ask them what they need and provide this for them even if it interferes with your plans

8. You never speak about them negatively, perhaps an occasional complaint about a small annoying behaviour and only after you have discussed it with them first. Then you find it cute anyway

9. You desire and want their touch, their kiss, their arms around you, their hands upon you

10. They always make you feel safe, wanted, secure and happy

11. You trust them undeniably

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12. A disagreement never results in an argument or yelling, you both have too much respect for each other and each others opinion. You listen, enquire and accept this person is entitled to their opinion based on their upbringing and personal life experience

13. You laugh at their jokes, cry at their sadness, hold strong when they need your support. You defend them to anyone who may say any negative comment about them

14. They complete you. While you remain an individual person, this person is connected to you in most every way

15. You understand you have transformed from a Me to a We and everything each of you does, feel, think or say affects your partner, you are both always mindful of this

16. The feeling and smile you have every time each of you walks into the room at the end of your day, it feels wonderful and fulfilling

17. When you look at them, they always look great to you, better than anyone else. You can never compare perfect with anyone else; there is no comparison

18. You desire only them

19. When your eyes meet you feel connected, you know each other so well, like you can see into their soul and them yours; this always brings a smile and feeling of warmth to your body

20. You have similar values, ethics, morals, standards and respect any differences you each hold

21. You are different people yet compliment each other perfectly

These are just some of the feelings this person encompasses in you. This is not the feelings for the first few month or years; these are the feelings that grow stronger and deeper each and every year. They continue to grow every decade you share together, every challenge life brings, every event you experience.

You are a We; you love, respect, admire and adore this person you have chosen to spend your life with. This is the person that makes each day brighter, better and happier, regardless of outside events.

This is when you truly know you have found that special forever person. To spend every day of your life enjoying, discovering and sharing things with. This is your true love forever…