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Sunday, Jul 24, 2016

Laughing with your partner can remedy, resolve and build the relationship

Research tells us that laughter releases pleasure producing hormones and endorphins into our brain which translates to the feel-good emotions we all love and enjoy. These endorphins allow us to feel joy, calm, happiness and connection with another.

Laughter with our partner connects and strengthens our relationship. The important point here is not to laugh at the other person but with them. Laughter allows us to feel free, child-like, uninhibited and creates a sharing feeling of happiness. Research tells us that laughter is a high arousal emotion, a natural instinct we all possess.

In today’s world, we can find fewer people laughing out loud. Pressure, stress, fast pace life all has an effect on what we find funny, the time we take to enjoy something and the simple effort of sharing a joyous or funny moment with that special person in our life.

Laughter not only enables us to feel good, but it is also directly linked to reducing pain. I am wondering if this research extended to determine if the pain was physical or also emotional. I suggest it includes emotional pain as well. When we can start finding funny sides to any emotional pain or hurt, it does quickly reduce that heavy feeling we so often carry. That heavy feeling we lug around with us, dwelling up, sliding into and deepening our pain via negative thoughts.

This then places more considerable strain on a relationship making it harder and longer to recover from an argument. Research also tells us when we laugh we often develop a sense of safety in our world. Safety is vital of all of us to thrive not only personally but also within our relationship. According to researchers Jaak Panksepp and Lucy Bivens, “Laughter, like playfulness itself, is an unconditional instinctive response that arises, under the right social-environmental conditions, from ancient regions of the mammalian brain.”  When we really laugh, we can become energised therefore generating more energy and also more calmness. When we can laugh joyously with our partner, we share this energy and joy which strengthens each other’s emotional systems.

Laughter can also create a feeling of greater self-confidence and social confidence within us while reducing that feeling of anxiety. People like to be around us because we are happier, lighter, laughing. We all know laughter is contagious, and everyone wants to catch it.

The trick with laughter is to be able to feel comfortable to communicate such exorbitant joy. When the relationship we share with your partner is safe and comfortable, laughter is easier. It is when the couple feels tense, strained or have repeatedly been arguing this laughter can decline or cease. This then places more strain on the relationship, hence a catch 22.

IN my book ‘OMG We’re Getting Married’ there is a couple of chapters about communicating, stopping arguments and using simple changes in words and language to alleviate that strain in the relationship an argument causes.

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