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Each Book can be individually signed by Dr Karen Phillip with your own personal dedication

Buy now for … only $25 delivered (to Australia only) Please go to CONTACT page to Order your individually signed copy of this amazing book. Simply let us know who you wish the book to be dedicated to and where to send, we will look after the rest. If you wish to send as a gift, just advise the name of the person to receive the book and Dr Karen will write a dedication to them and send the book. How exciting to receive a book directly from the author, dedicated to you and signed, what an amazing gift. GO NOW to Contact Page to Purchase You can purchase your Kindle copy from Amazon at Australia           USA          UK You can also purchase your hardcopy book from Booktopia in Australia or Bookdepository worldwide. Just select your preferred supplier.   CONTENTS Introduction Stage 1 – Prior to the Marriage
  1. The wedding guest list
  2. The Bucks and Hens Night
  3. Should I change my name after I get married?
Stage 2 – The early days
  1. The In-laws
  2. Sex
  3. Finance
  4. Toilet seat – up or down
  5. Trust
Stage 3 – Living as a married couple
  1. Where we live, will we rent or buy?
  2. Work and career – whose takes precedence?
  3. Children – will we have them, when, how many, who then stays at home?
  4. Avoiding Arguments
  5. Division of Housework
  6. Conclusion – 7 Top Tips for a long happy relationship
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